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Perched among the cliffs and surrounded by the gorges of the rivers Martín and Hocino, Alcaine is a quiet place where one can stroll through its narrow, quiet car-free streets, but above all just enjoy a spectacular setting. The village boasts a rich historic and artistic heritage. For instance, the church of Santa María la Mayor houses an impressive baroque altarpiece; in addition several caves and medieval Arab watchtowers can be visited easily by following sign-posted trails around the village.

Alcaine belongs to the River Martín Cultural Park and houses a museum dedicated to the park’s wildlife. There is also a restaurant, two bars as well as a public open-air swimming pool in an old renovated mill.

The busiest week of the year is during the San Agustín festivities in mid-August. Other traditional dates are celebrated with bonfires and verbenas (traditional street parties).

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